About JūHū

Instead of focusing solely on creating a line of products or a brand, we wish to develop a community to deal with social issues and support the local economy. Development of designer products under professional management is an effective tool for reintegrating people with mental and behavioral disabilities back into society and the job market. «In the twenty–first century, a designer is no longer just «an inventor of things», but a professional who is able to be flexible and solve problems within society, urban space, and economy, using design thinking as a tool to combine empathy, creativity, and rationality,».

By creating a system that is based on community of people, by bringing together their skills and knowledge, it is possible to reach «JūHū’s» aim responsibly create, manufacture, and sell high–quality designer products.”

We care about people ! We care about the world ! We care about the way we live ! We believe in a transparent system with fair benefits for all !
We believe that the world is a system in which by working together we can achieve a fair emotional, economical and environmental well being. We have created a fair system based on communities, joining skills and expertise towards a common goal of destigmatizing people with disabilities.

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