Beatriz de Clèves
I am a young writer based in Switzerland, traveling from one corner from the country to the other with my few belongings... seeking home and inspiration everywhere where these two can be found.
I was born in Spain (a little part called Galicia - very green and almost 'irish' if I had to give a comparison), my parents moved to Zurich when I was 6 and I stayed there until my studies were over. By the age of 19 I left home to seek adventure, inspiration and individualism. Since, I have been in Fribourg, Lausanne, Geneva, France... maybe, one day, very soon, I will stop seeking and I will start finding :).
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Hi there Jühü-Friends :), I can't upload my profile pic... did any of you have the same issue or am I absolutely over the hills?
Oct 31th, 2013

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